CCDS Programs

Community Country Day School provides a variety of educational opportunities within the classroom setting to meet students’ unique and diverse needs so each student is supported to achieve their goals. 

Partial Hospitalization

Partial Hospitalization Services are provided during the school day at CCDS where students receive three hours of education per day and three hours of mental health treatment per day.  The educational and therapeutic services are offered in individual and group settings.

Transition Program

Students in the Transition Program receive an individualized plan tailored to their unique academic and support needs. The Transition Program is designed for students who need more support than offered in a regular classroom, but not the intensive level of support offered in the Partial Hospitalization Program.  The Transition Program is designed to allow students to return to a regular classroom, either at CCDS or at their school district of residence.

Private Education

Community Country Day School provides a unique classroom experience – with a truly inclusive classroom combining special and private education students in a way that normalizes the educational experience for all and empowers students to act as positive role models for their peers. This fosters the development of empathetic and compassionate student leaders.

Agency Referral

School Districts, counselors and other appropriate referral agencies can use this application to make a referral. To refer a student to the Partial Hospitalization Program, please use the PHP Referral Form.

Partial Hospitalization Program Referral

Referrals to the Partial Hospitalization Program must come from a mental health provider and require additional criteria to be met. If you are an appropriate referrer and wish to refer your client to the CCDS PHP, please use this form.