Transition Program

Community Country Day School serves the entire spectrum of student needs. Part of this continuum of care is the Transition Program that serves the students who often “fall through the cracks” of the support care system. This program is for those students who need emotional supports not provided by regular education but do not qualify for partial hospitalization.

Transition Program Information

For some students, the Transition Program provides an added layer of emotional support not provided by the regular education classroom. For others, this program helps bridge the time for a student in crisis while they await qualification for placement in Partial Hospitalization. And, in other cases, the Transition Program provides a smooth transition from Partial Hospitalization back into the regular ed classroom. Regardless of the reason, this program serves as a stop-gap for some of the most vulnerable students, who often slip through the cracks.

The Transition Program offers many of the supports of Partial Hospitalization but does not require the same qualifications or intensity that Partial Hospitalization demands.

Students in the Transition Program receive an individual plan tailored to their unique academic and support needs. This may mean a combination of regular and special education, counseling, and other support services to ensure that they learn the needed coping and life skills while achieving their highest capabilities within the classroom.

Students can be referred to the Transition Program by a school psychologist, special education team, or a family application.

To learn more, contact CCDS at (814) 833-7933 or request more information.

Jasmine - Class of 2015

Success Stories

What I like about CCDS instead of other schools are the smaller class sizes and the relationships you can build because of that. I feel so close to the staff and students here. The staff really cares about the students, and they do a great job of showing that by checking in, asking how I'm doing, and making sure I'm staying on track. I went through a hard time in my life awhile back and the staff really love me through it and was there for me. Mrs. Collins even sat and did a little therapy session with me. It helped me to know I wasn't alone, and I knew I could get through it because I had people there helping push me along when I felt like I couldn't do it on my own.

Agency Referral

School Districts, counselors and other appropriate referral agencies can use this application to make a referral. To refer a student to the Partial Hospitalization Program, please use the PHP Referral Form.

Partial Hospitalization Program Referral

Referrals to the Partial Hospitalization Program must come from a mental health provider and require additional criteria to be met. If you are an appropriate referrer and wish to refer your client to the CCDS PHP, please use this form.