Our Approach To Education

More than 50 years ago, CCDS’ founders provided integrated classrooms where all students learned and developed, both academically and socially.  Students enrolled as a private education student learn in a classroom that is traditional in many respects.  However, what makes CCDS stand out is that within that same classroom of students, special education or partial hospitalization students are learning in that same classroom.  Therefore, all students are learning about diversity, inclusion, coping, compassion, leadership, and other soft skills which will be invaluable in life.

Community Country Day School is founded on integrated classrooms where all students learn and grow, both academically and personally. Students enrolled as a traditional education student experience have a traditional learning experience. However, what makes CCDS stand out is that within that same classroom, these students are also learning  about diversity and inclusion, coping, compassionate care, leadership and so many more soft skills that will be invaluable in life.

Licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, CCDS offers students in grades 1-12 a typical core curriculum of English language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies.  They also receive instruction in music, art, and physical education.  Students in the private education classroom also benefit from the support services offered to all students.  These support services lead to academic, social, and behavioral success; additional structure and support, and motivation to learn.

For some students, stepping outside their former school and into the CCDS environment has provided a renewed sense of calmness, control and optimism. This is due to smaller classroom sizes, learning coping strategies, and having a sense of community. The calmer atmosphere (e.g., non-judgmental and no fights) and smaller staff to student ratio helped facilitate the students’ learning, helped them focus, enabled them to form relationships more naturally, and provided benefits to their overall well-being.

We offer rolling admission and scholarships for eligible students. Please request more information or apply below!

Agency Referral

School Districts, counselors and other appropriate referral agencies can use this application to make a referral. To refer a student to the Partial Hospitalization Program, please use the PHP Referral Form.

Partial Hospitalization Program Referral

Referrals to the Partial Hospitalization Program must come from a mental health provider and require additional criteria to be met. If you are an appropriate referrer and wish to refer your client to the CCDS PHP, please use this form.